Welcome to Kebabman Catering & Machine Hire!

Based in Melbourne, Kebabman Catering and Machine Hire covers all of Victoria

We offer the cheapest machine hire in the country.

You can hire:

Commercial 4-burner kebab machine

Electric shaver knife

electric hot water Bain Marie

Electric bench top deep fryer


Leave the cooking to us. Enjoy your party with your guests and leave the food to us. We can:

Turn up to your event with our complete shop set up – kebab machine, electric knife, gas bottle, bain marie

Cook and cut the meat then store in the bain marie

At the end of the event we pack up all our equipment and leave – no cleaning left behind for you

See our packages in the menu section for more info.


We can supply you chicken, lamb slice or lamb mince doner kebab meat. Enquire today for a price. We also specialise in half chicken plus half lamb slice meat on the same stick – so you get 2 meats but only need to hire 1 machine.


We can supply:
salads (garden, greek, tabouli, onion salad, potato salad),
various Turkish dips (humus, tzatziki, capsicum, carrot, eggplant dips),
Lebanese flat bread wraps or Turkish bread long rolls,
Home made Turkish sweets
the sky is the limit. Just ask for a package price.