We can offer you a number of options for your upcoming event.

Please select from:
1- Hire a kebab machine and cook and shave at your own pace. We’ll deliver a kebab machine and shaver knife and set it up for you, show you how it works, we’ll even put the kebab onto the machine for you. We then return 2 days later to collect the equipment after its been cleaned.

2- We’ll send a cook to you event who will set up all the equipment, cook and shave and store the meat in a hot bain marie, after everyone’s eaten the cook will pack up and return to our store for cleaning.

3- We’ll send 2 staff to your ecent who will cook and shave the meats. Your guests approach our stand and order their kebabs and we’ll wrap it up and hand it over – the REAL Kebab shop experience right in your back yard!

4- We can cook and shave the meats for you and deliver it to your event and the time you need it – or collect it from our commercial premises in Pascoe Vale!

Yes! We can make HSP at your function! We’ll cook and shave the kebab right before your eyes, include the shredded cheese, cook the hot chips on site, add any sauces you want (including the holy trinity). we’ll include the polystyrene packaging and cutlery too.

We can include any of the following with any option you choose:
-(kebab shop package): lettuce, tomato and onions chopped ready to use, garlic sauce and lebanese flat bread wraps: $3pp
-shredded cheese
-trays of salads (serves approx 25); mixed garden salad, potato salad, tabbouli salad, onion salad, greek salad
-trays of dips (serves approx 20) : humus dip, tzatziki dip, capsicum dip, carrot dip, eggplant dip
-Turkish bread rolls
– Tray of home-made Turkish Baklava $70 (35 pieces)